Dorothy "Gram" Edwards

1919 - 2011

With fond memories of a loving mother, gram and great-gram.  Dorothy lived a full and active life, always caring for people in need. She loved being with her family and taught many things, especially scrabble, and her determination was an inspiration to all who knew her. She always entertained us with her stories. She is dearly missed.

Dorothy "Gram" Edwards

1919 - 2011

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on 13 Mar 2012

So sorry for your loss.

Daniel Allen
on 28 Feb 2012

You have inspired me so much

May Roberts
on 3 Dec 2011

Missing you with all my heart. Thankyou for everything

Peter Jones
on 27 Nov 2011

Thinking of you at this time. Thankyou

Jemima Smith
on 24 Nov 2011

As you said to me once Dorothy, life is full of wondrous joy. Wishing you all the more joy now.

Kevin Stays
on 24 Nov 2011

Always in my heart. Thankyou for all that you did for me. You will never be forgotten

Henry Jones
on 24 Nov 2011

It's hard to believe. I will never forget you!We will meet again.

Tricia Smithson
on 24 Nov 2011

Great Gram.. I just turned 13 and I will always remember you. Wish you were around for longer but thanks for everything. You are the best

Graham Ockwood
on 24 Nov 2011

To Dororthy's family. My heartfelt condolences.

Freda Smith
on 24 Nov 2011

My dear Dorothy. Sorry to see you go. Thanks for everything

on 24 Nov 2011

It's now been a few weeks and I still miss you, but I also keep remember what you told me about life. Thankyou Gram

on 24 Nov 2011

My sincere condolences for all the family. We all miss Dorothy but know her stories and memories will live on. This is a great memorial.. thank you for sharing

Mark Miller
on 24 Nov 2011

Thinking of you

Paul Tomes
on 24 Nov 2011
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Dorothy "Gram" Edwards

1919 - 2011

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Dorothy "Gram" Edwards

1919 - 2011